Denim Originiated in India!

Denim origin from Dungaree of India

Denim originated from an Indian fabric known as dungaree! Yes, dungaree was inspiration for today’s most loved fabric denim. Dungaree is an indigo dyed thick cotton fabric. In the beginning, dungaree fabric was made with indigo warp and undyed white weft 2×2 twill weave. Hence the fabric had the unique…

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Tantu is now Varnatantu!

Varnatantu Header

Namaste dear Tantu Enthusiast! The auspicious Saura Yugadi (Solar New Year on 15th April 2018) or Vishu is also Tantu’s birthday ?. It is Tantu’s fifth blogoversary ?. We are grateful for your love ❤? and support ?. As a token of love, we aim to add more colours to…

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Sabyasachi Controversy & Sari

To the girls who hesitate/dislike to wear sari for multiple reasons, If saree/sari belongs to your cultural heritage, even if you don’t like to wear it now, just look back to your childhood. Who didn’t love draping Amma’s sari in your childhood? I believe, everyone did love it. But, same…

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