Keep Calm and Do Mudra

A textile tip along with ‘Keep Calm and Do Mudra’ card created using a Mudra printed handloom textile seen at Khadi Utsav 2017.


How are you? I know, there my 300+ daily views are waiting for me to post and here I am saying ‘Peek-a-boo!’ I am still looking for a solution to site redirect. To add, I am trying to organise the scattered project photographs I had accomplished during the long break I had taken.

Mudra Handloom Textile

This 'Keep Calm and Do Mudra' card is made using mudra (hand expression) printing textile material s seen at Khadi Utsav 2017.

Then I saw this photograph of Mudra printed handloom textile material clicked at ‘Khadi Utsav 2017’. It is giving a message to to keep calm and do mudras. This print is full of Mudras or hand expressions. Mudras are used in meditation as well as in several dance forms in India.

Mudra Fabric – Tips

What could be the use of this Mudra textile? The first thing came to my mind is prayer. This material suits the best for prayer mats and for yoga mats. How about using this fabric as curtains in prayer halls? How about the pillow cases? Cool!

We want peace any time and all the time. But then why to restrict this print to prayer and meditation? I think, this peaceful textile deserves to adorn us as a Kurta, Kurti, Sari, Shawl/veil too. What say? Sounds peaceful right?

Looking at this print made me to calm down. I hope the issues sort out as soon as possible. And until then I will stay cool calm and keep blogging.


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