2 Easy Tips for Instant Skin Brightness

Sharing two easy skin treatments to get bright and soft skin instantly that help to nurture neglected skin; handy tips for busy lifestyle. 

I have always been too busy (lazy?) to take care of my skin. But, two easy skin treatments changed how my skin looks. These quick tips have saved my look even when I had lack of sleep. The two treatments are the best suitable for a busy lifestyle. It’s festival season. So, let’s have a quick look at those easy ways to instantly brighten skin.

2 Tips for Instant Skin Brightness

Milk – The Best Natural Cleanse

I have damaged my skin several times. At that times, I have seen instant brightness, hydration, and smoothness on my skin by using milk. It feels amazing with just a spoonful milk dabbed on face and hands, washing or not after it dries. In winter, I use cream instead of milk to avoid dryness. My skin is of normal type and milk works very well for me. Beauty experts suggest not to use milk on oily skin. So, follow this tip accordingly.

Gram Flour as Natural Scrub

Gram flour (paste made with water or milk) scrubs off the dead skin cells and softens skin. While using it everyday for face wash, gentle finger movement is enough. I guess a combination of milk and gram flour would work best on oily skin too. If anyone has tried, please share your experience.

I got quick results from milk and gram flour. Do you have any such tips? Why don’t you share them with us? Thank you!


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