A Skin Routine for Naturally Beautiful Skin

A skin routine for obtaining healthy and naturally beautiful skin.

Best Skin Routine for Naturally Beautiful SkinBefore you conclude something, let me clear it first… I don’t have a beautiful skin. To add, I have neglected it throughout my life. But, because of that, I have learnt some lessons and started following them. You may know those tips, but still, today I want to share those tips with you which is a reminder for myself. Because, it really is an energy booster to see my cheerful face in the mirror.

Best Routine for Skin Health

Sleep well

Skin Routine - Sleep Well

Sleep Well

Skin stays charming, bright and tight if we sleep well. Insufficient sleep results in heat boils, dullness and sagging of skin. So, sleep well. It’s a tonic for skin to maintain itself.

Drink enough water

Skin Routine - Drink enough Water, Hydrate

Drink enough Water

Detoxification takes place keeping body hydrated. Skin hydrates, softens, gets rid of heat boils, pimples by just drinking sufficient amount of water everyday. Drinking enough water improves functioning of organs and in turn skin smiles.

Eat warm and healthy food in time

Skin Routine - Eat Healthy

Eat Healthy

Everyone knows we are what we eat. Everyone knows how important is to include fresh, local and seasonal fruits, green vegetables, and cereals in their diet. But, sometimes we neglect the timing. Let’s not punish our body. Experts also say, we must fill the stomach in the morning, less in the afternoon and lesser in the night. Nutritionists say, fruits must be taken before meals, especially in the morning. Eating fruits after meals makes you hunger early, may cause acidity. Eating comfortably warm food increases nutrition value of food, eases digestion and and thus absorption. 

Spiritual Care

Skin Routine - Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care

A machine stays in codition by giving it enough work. We know that Yoga, Pranayama, Mudras and daily physical activities are important for body’s good condition. It’s proven that we get energised without sweating by doing Yogasanas, Pranayama and Mudras. They are the tested methods to keep us healthy from inside. And it reflects on the skin as well.

Think Positive, Invite Good Thoughts

Skin Routine - Be Happy, Be Positive

Be Happy, Be Positive

At times, we breakdown and it shows on the skin. I have observed that healthy mind helps keep skin lively. Give time for your hobbies. Listening to music, reading good books keeps us positive.

2 Quick treatments for Good Skin – Milk and Gram Flour

2 Tips for Instant Skin BrightnessWhenever I use milk (natural cleanse) and gram flour (a natural scrub by nature, used instead of soap), I have seen how my normal type skin glows, hydrates and softens.

Skin Routine – Conclusion

Skin reflects health. So,  experts say, good food and exercise (Yoga-Pranayama-Mudra) for soul (spirituality), mind (good thoughts) and body (hydration, sound sleep and healthy diet), help maintain skin in good condition.

Do you have any suggestion for healthy skin? Would you love to share with us? Thank you!



  1. Good information.☺👌

  2. I heard from many that regular body massage with some specialised oils (may be natural extracts) will make skin tone rejuvenating. I don’t know how far it is true…but your post has good information.

    • Very true! In fact, daily or weekly Abhyanga is suggested in Ayurveda for beauty and health. Thanks for your thoughts, Giri Kumarji 🙂

  3. Very good points. Water is key to many ailments.

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