Why You Shouldn’t Miss Khadi Utsav 2018?

4 reasons why not to miss Khadi Utsav 2018, held between 2nd January 2018 to 31st January 2018 at Freedom Park, Bengaluru. Khadi and Village Industries Commission is presenting its diamond jubilee exhibition this year. 

Khadi Utsav 2018 Invitation Card

It was exciting moment when we came to know about Khadi Utsav 2018. We were waiting for this event as our textile and clothing needs were satisfied by Khadi Utsav 2017. I’m happy to share that we are happier this time visiting and shopping at Khadi Utsav 2018. If you have visited or read my review of Khadi Utsav 2017, please note these 4 reasons not to let it go this year too!

4 reasons to visit Khadi Utsav 2018 - a poster created upon a blue traditional textile with bicycle print, photographed at Khadi Utsav 2018

Buy prestigious traditional textiles for everyone from all over Bharat 

We Bharatiyas treasure the world famous handloom textiles. There are more than hundred varieties in our traditional textiles. Finest cotton, silk and woolen textiles in their unique weaves and striking patterns have been loved worldwide. It is exciting to know how these textiles were passed through generations with cottage industries. Now we have them as handloom brands and it is a pride to own and wear them.

Fresh & Trendy Handloom Products at Khadi Utsav 2018 for all age groups of any gender

Khadi Utsav 2018 exhibits clothing and textiles to fulfill everyone’s needs. There is almost everything for everyone from kids to elderly people. Clothings are available for all genders and all age groups. A large collection of home furnishings is available too. As the Khadi and Village Industries Commission has revealed (Courtesy: DD Chandana News), the exhibition includes products from about 12 Indian states spread in about hundred stalls. I could sight woven textiles and embroidered products from Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Odisha, West Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, and Jammu and Kashmir. I also visited a crochet garments stall.

The price range is competitive. Moost of the stalls offer discounts.

Fresh, elegant and trendy handloom products

Trendy Products at Khadi Utsav 2018

I was surprised to see how handloom products are inline with trend. I saw tribal designs, abstract patterns and bold checks on beautiful saris at Khadi Utsav 2018. Men have greater choice this time. Playful motifs like Doraemon and Bhima on bedspreads, palazzo pants, maxis, cape dresses, stylish mens wears, night dresses, ponchos, shrugs, vests, mobile pouches for saris, fashionable fabric bags – all are in fresh colours. In fact, they are traditional and trend setters at the same time. There are stalls with accessories like jewellery, footwear, bags, etc.

Many sellers accept Card payment

Happy to see sellers adapting cashless payment system. Compared to last year, more sellers accept debit/credit cards payment. But, still, many don’t.

Extremely Well Organised Exhibition

Well Organised Khadi Utsav 2018 - Parking & Entrance

Exhibition is arranged in large area to accommodate around hundred stalls and thousands of visitors. It is very well organised and visitors’ comfort is taken care of everyday. An entry fees of INR 10 (same as last year) is charged for adults. Security and Police staffs ease and guide throughout. Snacks stalls from all over Karnataka with special regional eatables are stalled in between. At the exit point, there is a food counter with reasonably priced food and snacks. There is a play area for kids nearby. Well maintained refresh rooms are located near the entrance gate and one can use them for free.There is a visitors’ review book to convey any inconvenience caused. Staff assured that at the end of the day, the feedbacks are checked and any nessessary changes are made.

If you are planning to take your four-wheeler, think twice. The parking lot, though spacious, gets full by evening. We hired cab this time as well. This saved us from driving back after exhausting walk and shopping in the exhibition.

So, Why not buy khadi? – My Thoughts

Cottage Textile Industries are the ‘Tradition Carriers’. They are the connecting links between history and future. Bharatiya handloom textiles are fond of worldwide and it’s an honour to wear them. They are celebrated, still they are not as pricey as other brands. The major part of what we pay is for the craftsmanship and not just for the brand name. So, let’s buy Khadi and help indigenous textile cultures to bloom. 

So, have you been to Khadi Utsav 2018, dear Bengalurian? Will you pay a visit and spread the word?

PS : This is my personal review in support of Khadi industry.


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