An ideal Insurance Plan for protecting your Home and Jewellery | General Insurance for Valuables

Insurance is a supportive concept to stay optimistic in this unpredictable and uncertain life. The idea of general insurance has made lives more relieved about the valuables that people own. So what exactly is general insurance? General insurance is a category of insurance that is completely different when compared to life insurance. There are different types of insurance namely; motor insurance, health insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, marine insurance, and commercial insurance. Isn’t it amazing that almost everything can be insured?

General Insurance for Home and Jewellery

Home Insurance

Insurance for home is the insurance for the building, contents & appliances placed in the insured’s home. This type of insurance offers coverage of the items in the house due to fire, burglary, theft, etc. The coverage would obviously depend on the insurance plan and the coverage that you get with the chosen plan.

The insurance plan offered by the insurance companies can be made tailor-made as per your requirements. You could protect your household contents, household appliances, Jewellery & valuables, third-party liability, electronic equipments, temporary resettlement expenses, cash, untoward incident towards the household staff, etc. under different kinds of plans. You can also protect your house against any form of terrorism.

The home content insurance can include insurance coverage for clothing & household textiles, furniture & fixtures, utensils, crockery, gas cylinders, books, expensive artworks like paintings, musical instruments, sewing machine, lawn mowers, CCTV equipment, etc.

Jewellery and Valuables insurance

If you ask women about one thing they really adore, Jewellery & valuables would be common in all the cases. You need to take utmost care of your valuables since you or your near & dear ones have worked really hard to earn & preserve them. You can safeguard such items by opting for the house content insurance or Jewellery insurance (whichever suits the best). Jewellery which includes articles of personal adornment containing gemstones, silver, gold, platinum or other precious metals are covered under the jewellery insurance. Valuables like expensive wristwatches, silver articles, gold coins, etc. can also be insured under this category.

You may argue that loss or damage of jewellery & valuables contained in the insured’s premises can be prevented if those items are housed securely in a locker or safety deposit vault located within the premises of any recognized commercial bank in India. Though these mechanisms offer safety, they do not protect your items against untoward incidents like fire, robbery, etc. On the other hand, jewellery and valuables insurance covers the damage done to items due to fire, burglary & housebreaking including theft. The other benefit is that the insurance covers loss due to snatching of jewellery (worn by the insured person or family member) worldwide.

Theft is very common nowadays. Hence it is very risky to wear expensive jewellery in public places. But, thanks to insurance companies that give additional support and confidence to us. If such customer-centric insurance plans wouldn’t have been there, everyone would be forced to keep their valuables in safe lockers instead of using them.


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