‘India Size’ Project for Standard Indian Size Chart – What, Why, and How?

About the prestigious ‘India Size’ project launched by Textiles Minister Smt. Smriti Irani on 6th February 2019 and it’s impact on consumers, and apparel sector.

What is a standard size chart?

Every person has unique body measurements. But, if we closely observe, it shows a related pattern among the people based on demographics like race, region, lifestyle, et cetera. Analysis of this pattern, when observed by an anthropometric study of a large number of people, helps to create standard size chart.

Thus, set of measurements made suitable for a specific group of people is known as standard size chart.

Besides IOS and CEN standards, currently China, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Thailand, Australia, Germany, France, former Yugoslavia, UK, and USA have their own standard size charts.

What is ‘India Size’ Project? How is it done?

India Size project is a national sizing survey project to develop Indian standard size charts. The study includes an analysis of body measurements of about 25,000 individuals, of different age groups from 18 – 65, covering major regions – Kolkata (east), Mumbai (west), Delhi (north), Hyderabad (central), Bengaluru-Chennai (south) and Shillong (north-east). The measuring process is being done using 3D body scanners.

Textile Minister Smt. Smriti Irani and CMAI members launching India Size project

This project is an initiative of Ministry of Textiles in collaboration with Clothing Manufacturers Association of India. According to the sources, National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) is handling the project.

Why Indian Size Charts?

Indian size charts will be prepared based on body measurements for Indian demographics. Hence, the Indian size charts assist clothing sector to produce better fitting apparel. People are likely to love ready-to-wears more. As better fitting standard size outfits make way for happier shopping, the apparel industry is expected to flourish notably. Another study of Apparel Consumption in India, is also being done, both will help reducing the prices.

Standard size charts and the survey data are anticipated to influence ergonomical designing of automotive, aerospace, fitness and sports, art and computer gaming as industry aspires.

With India Size, India will stand among the handful of countries with standard size charts of their own. Thus, India’s retail sector will get a global attention. This is one among the biggest steps taken by the Textiles Ministry like that of India Handloom Brand to strengthen the textiles and apparel roots of India.

Looking forward to the Indian Size Chart and the revolution ahead!


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