‘Apparel Consumption in India’ Study by CMAI – How it benefits buyers?

About the study of ‘Apparel Consumption in India’ by CMAI and how it would influence apparel sector in making shopping easier and shoppers happier.

Launch-of-study-of-apparel-consumption-in-India by the textile minister Smt. Smriti Irani

Textiles Minister Smt. Smriti Irani had launched a study of apparel consumption in India along with India Size project on 6th February 2019. CMAI has taken up apparel consumption study and NIFT is carrying out the India Size project, under textile ministry.

Study of Apparel Consumption in India

Apparel consumption study is a survey of consumption of apparel in a particular geographical area, as the title suggests. In detail, this survey involves collecting, recording and analysing of the apparel sales related data based on geography, gender, age group, size, and social & cultural aspects.

CMAI, the Clothing Manufacturers Association of India, is conducting this apparel consumption study. This survey is expected to complete in six months. CMAI represents about 45,000 apparel manufacturers and retailers. Thus, the study is expected to reveal the size, spread, and extent of the domestic market. It will also help understand region-wise and product category-wise consumption patterns in the country. Hence, the study is likely to give an elaborate and exact picture of Indian apparel market to understand its potential.

Based on apparel consumption study, business projections would be more accurate. This would help making better marketing strategies. In turn, this development would attract more investment into the industry.

The apparel consumption survey is anticipated to be a statistically reliable database. It would be a base to study growth patterns in the coming years. The report would be ready for release by July 2019.

Benefits of apparel consumption study to buyers

Just think of shopping ready-to-wears in India. We choose pleasing outfits in lively colours and designs. And, then, the sales assistants pour water over our desires not even apologising for not having the outfit in that particular size. Eventually, we end up buying compromising our likes.

I have been experiencing the same. And, later, I had found out a way to overcome this problem by buying oversized tops to fit them later following certain methods. I had shared the methods to fit oversized tops in a series of posts too. Below shown is the excerpt of the post –

Apparel consumption survey is being done for the first time in India. This means, there were no database for market assessment in the country so far. And, that’s why we were facing a lot of trouble while buying ready-to-wears.

Once the apparel consumption study is ready and implemented by all the manufacturers, we can hope of better choices in our sizes needing less alterations. This will make shopping easier and shopper happier. When shopping experience gets better, automatically, sales rate increases. Thus, the apparel industry gains more profit due to higher sales and lower wastages. When manufacturers and retailers transfer the profit to the buyers, prices will reduce.

Overall, study of apparel consumption will benefit makers, sellers and buyers. So, I am looking forward to organised and customer-friendly Indian apparel world. Are you ready too?


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