Tantu is now Varnatantu!

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Namaste dear Tantu Enthusiast! The auspicious Saura Yugadi (Solar New Year on 15th April 2018) or Vishu is also Tantu’s birthday 😍. It is Tantu’s fifth blogoversary 🎊. We are grateful for your love ❤💕 and support 🙏. As a token of love, we aim to add more colours to…

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Sabyasachi Controversy & Sari

To the girls who hesitate/dislike to wear sari for multiple reasons, If saree/sari belongs to your cultural heritage, even if you don’t like to wear it now, just look back to your childhood. Who didn’t love draping Amma’s sari in your childhood? I believe, everyone did love it. But, same sari…

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