Seashells Shri Ganesha

A festival card with Shri Ganesha motif made using seashells Lord Ganesha is a cute and friendly deity. Artists love to design him. Ganesha Chaturthi is a special festival that is connected with Swadeshi movement concept. Lokamanya Tilakji used Ganesh Chaturthi as a weapon to gather Bharatiyas together and to…

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DIY Tutorial: Kundan Jewellery

A tutorial of making inexpensive and easy party wear kundan jewellery set for beginners. Namaste Friend! As a fashion design lecturer, I needed some fashionable jewellery for every event in our college. As I wanted to be unique every time, buying onetime wear jewellery for not less than 500INR was…

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Happy First Blogoversary!

Happy First Blogoversary to Tantu! Thank you all the beloved Tantu visitors, followers, readers and supporters! This is your success! This beaded neck piece T for Tantu is accidentally made while clicking my old funky/junk/costume jewelleries… I hope you like it! TC! Bye until next post! ——————————————————————————————— Follow Tantu for…

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Quick to Make Kundan Costume Jewellery

This post is to showcase a quick to make and inexpensive Kundan Costume Jewellery set. Namaste! Today I will show you one of my old creations, Kundan Costume Jewellery. This is an easy to make junk jewellery set. I have spent almost nothing for this accessory. Have a look of…

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Crocheted Mobile-phone Pouch

Hello!! How are you doing? Sorry, I have been a little busy with my new friends in my balcony for all these days! They are growing fast and I am enjoying photographing them! I have also been trying to pull out the artist within after a long time. I succeeded…

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Coconut Accessories

Coconut AccessoriesThese beach accessories are crafted flowers, leaf parts and shells of coconut.

Green leafy Accessories:

This is a set of neck chain and earrings. Delicate crafting is inspired by ‘Girigiti’, a coconut leaf toy and embellished with coconut flowers.

Coconut Shell Pendants:

The two pendants, Lord Ganesh & Abstract are crafted coconut shells, goes well with a casual look.

I could not resist myself sharing a Google search link to few fabulous coconut leaf accessories: Coconut Leaf Accessories

I love to share another search link of coconut shell accessories, you may like: Coconut Shell Accessories

Fashionable Belts

17T BeltsThese belts are designed for informal occasions.

Waist Chain

This is a metal chain unisex belt. Youngsters can team it with cowboy style or with a pair of jeans and tees. Ladies can also wear this with a single piece black party wear.

Fancy Belt

This multicoloured feminine beaded belt goes well with casuals like dress or tee & jeans.

Style Tips:

  • Belts define waistline. So, belts are good for persons with narrow waists.
  • Thin, cord type belts are good on persons with short waists and petite figures.
  • Wide belts are the best for tall persons who are with long waists.
  • Contrasting -plain or large printed – dress emphasizes the belt. Hence this defines waistline better.
  • Belt worn over kurtas/kurtis will enhance the beauty of Indian ladies.
  • Emphasising buckled belts over dark outfits suit persons with wide waists.