Blouse Fitting Techniques – An Overview

About the sari blouse adjustment problems and solutions; ways to alter a sari blouse for fitting – side seam alterations, Cholakaaptas and shoulder/side seam panels. Sari is a graceful draped costume from Bharat (India). Lifestyles and dressing preferences have changed tremendously due to globalization. But, the craze for saris seems…

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Blouse fitting – Cholakaapta with Tucks

A fashion illustration of a girl wearing A sari blouse with Eye-controlled Tucked Cholakaapta. This illustration is drawn with fingertip using Autodesk Sketch app.

A make it yourself idea and style tips for adjusting blouse fitting with blouse adjuster with tucks, with an animated GIF. Fashion keeps changing constantly. But, we girls have sentiments for some of our saris and their blouses. Fitting into our favourite blouses is the concern of most of us.…

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