Easily Organise Drawerless Clothes Cupboard

Clothes Cupboard Organiser with dress packing box.

Quick tip to a ready-to-move, no cost clothes organiser for saving space in small cupboards and for easy access. Living in rented house gives lots of organising ideas. You plan according to the already built house. It’s exciting to move house and tiresome at the same time as we get…

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DIY Multi-compartment Organiser for Underclothes/Innerwears & Hankies

This DIY tutorial is about making an inexpensive and easy to make multi-purpose multi-compartment organiser for arranging innerwears and handkerchiefs by up-cycling small cartons. This small organiser consisting of four compartments can be arranged in different ways in different closets. So, no messed-up racks now onwards! Dear Tantu Reader, How…

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