Blouse Fitting – Shoulder and Side Seam Adjustments

Shoulder and Side SeamAlterations Illustrations

 More sari blouse fitting ideas – structural sari blouse designs – with adjustments at side seams and shoulders Solving the puzzle of sari blouse fitting has been a creative journey for me. I started the series with Cholakaaptas – the sari blouse adjusters. In between some quick sari blouse fitting…

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Making Cholakaapta with Eyes for blouse fitting

A sew it yourself idea and style tips for adjusting blouse fitting with blouse adjuster with eyes, with an animated GIF. I have been wondering if there is an easy way to fit into a blouse after weight gains. When the idea of Cholakaapta – the blouse adjuster panel  came…

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Blouse fitting – Cholakaapta with Tucks

A fashion illustration of a girl wearing A sari blouse with Eye-controlled Tucked Cholakaapta. This illustration is drawn with fingertip using Autodesk Sketch app.

A make it yourself idea and style tips for adjusting blouse fitting with blouse adjuster with tucks, with an animated GIF. Fashion keeps changing constantly. But, we girls have sentiments for some of our saris and their blouses. Fitting into our favourite blouses is the concern of most of us.…

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Blouse Fitting Idea – How to make Shirred Cholakaapta?

Easy step by step instruction with an animated GIF about cutting and sewing of a Shirred Cholakaapta (Blouse Adjuster) for fitting a sari blouse bodice. This tutorial also covers styling tips for Shirred Blouse Adjuster. Dear Tantu Enthusiast! Sari blouse is a sensitive to fit upper garment. We have discussed…

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Tricks – Easily fit into Sari Blouse

Beginner friendly last-minute tricks to fit sari blouse bodice for slight weight gains. Girls have great affection for saris. It’s a busy festival season in Bharat (India) and for girls sari is its synonym. The elegant ethnic outfit from Bharat (India) never fails to stand out in the crowd. Stylish…

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