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This post is an attempt to give exposure to a new concept of made to order or customisable art/fashion shopping by ‘JuicyCanvas’ and to let know the budding artists/designers about the opportunities they have in JuicyCanvas. This post is written to support JuicyCanvas in its fund-raising campaign too.

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‘How nice if this dress came with a different design!’

‘How unique this design is! But, if it was in blue!’

We would be thinking like this while shopping many a times. Imagine! These wishes would be fulfilled in JuicyCanvas!

What is JuicyCanvas?

Juicy CanvasJuicyCanvas is the first customisable art and fashion marketplace online launched by Arthur and Deb. In other words, JuicyCanvas is a shopping site where we can *remix* any trending or your favourite art onto our desired clothing category from the list and buy it! Isn’t it amazing!

Style Range in JuicyCanvas

OMG! What a range of designs! Illustrations, paintings and photographic designs of humans, kids, animals, patterns/geometricals, abstracts, graphic designs, ‘ha ha ha’, typography, landscape, urban, vintage, ‘wtf?’, pop, photogenic… OMG! What not? Don’t just believe my words, please click here and check it out by yourself!

Some Designs from Juicy Canvas

JuicyCanvas – Some Designs

Some More Designs from Juicy Canvas

JuicyCanvas – Some More Designs

I loved many designs, but, I can show only a very few of them 🙁

How to Customise?

Well, designs are already with amazing combination of colours. But, still if you want to customise, you can do it! I will show some of them I customised.

Cheev Cheev - Original

Cheev Cheev – Original

Cheev Cheev - Customised

Cheev Cheev – Customised

I had just changed the depth of few colours and added text.

Pretty Woman! - Original design from Juicy canvas

Pretty Woman! – Original

Pretty Woman! - Customised design from Juicy canvas

Pretty Woman! – Customised by me

I have changed the colours in this design.

Product Range

Currently JuicyCanvas offers designs on canvas and they are extending the range to T-shirts, Mobile case, print arts soon and I am sure there are creative enough to think more for their customers! But, if you have visited JuicyCanvas link by now, you will understand the huge fund they need to extend their product range. So, they are on a fund raising campaign.

 JuicyCanvas – Fund Raising Campaign

Estimated fund of JuicyCanvas is $ 12,000USD and now they have reached $2431USD. One can contribute from a small amount or as much as his/her wish 🙂

Contributor could choose a perk of choice while doing payment. Contribution could be done without a perk too.

  • A thank you note and a remixed Facebook cover page by the contributor for $5USD.
  • A customised Tee or a customised baby onesie or a customised tote bag as a perk for a contribution of $20USD.
  • iPhone or Samsung S4 case remixed by the donor for $30USD.
  • A remixed hoodie or a framed customised artprint or a framed customised canvas for a contribution of $40USD.
  • Juicy Combo – any combo of the above (total up to $80USD)
  • Large sized custom canvas for $80USD.
  • Contributor’s Pet’s Portrait customised for $150USD.
  • Custom Portraits for $150USD or $175USD.
  • Remixed stretched canvas for $175USD.
  • Juicy Combo for $200USD (any perks of total value $200USD)
  • Custom portrait (XL) $250USD.

All for the first 100 contributors only!

Donations above this range are also with perks – opting Juicy Combo (Platinum), Custom Made Artworks.

If you are interested in contribution, please visit this link:


And hurry up! Campaign ends on 21st December! If you are still thinking of donating or not, then please have a look below to know what else juicy canvas does.

Are you talented?

JuicyCanvas has already taken over 200 global artists and designers, who are being paid royalty for the remix and buy of their designs by the customers of JuicyCanvas. So, are you talented?  Then submit your portfolio to JuicyCanvas. Who knows, you may become a member of their designing crew!

Got Talent? Join Juicy Canvas

Got Talent? Join JuicyCanvas

Are you NOT talented as such?

Yes, I have said it right! JuicyCanvas is also open for remixers! Join JuicyCanvas as a remixer, remix designs and take part in the competition! Publicise them on Social Networks and win!

JuicyCanvas – My Words

I am impressed by the customised products idea by JuicyCanvas. In fact, JuicyCanvas is already supporting 200+artists and designers globally. It is a great step to bring the artists together and proving that together we can win.

Few More Designs From Juicy canvas

Few More Designs From JuicyCanvas

Artists who are in search of opportunities, why don’t you have a look at JuicyCanvas? If you can remix well, why don’t you think of joining JuicyCanvas? And the people who want to donate for a good cause, why don’t you think of supporting JuicyCanvas?

Hey Tantu Enthusiast! Thanks for stopping by and spending your valuable time for Tantu 🙂 So, will you think of JuicyCanvas?

Take care!

Bye until the next post!

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