Singer Talent 3321 – A Review

A review of my one month old Singer Talent 3321 Automatic Sewing Machine after sewing five sari blouses. This review is made by a manual sewing machine user designer after buying her first automatic sewing machine.

Namaste Dear Tantu Reader!

How are you? Enjoying spring? We have been to Aditi Garden last Sunday, the day before Yugadi (First day of Lunar Calendar) to watch the spring colours. Yugadi was the day of first blogoversary of The Arts & Me, my arts blog. And, when this post gets published, we would be heading to our native, Mangaluru. Yes, these are very busy days! April would almost get over when we are back to Pune. I miss visiting and reading my favourite blogs πŸ™

Anyways, enjoy the scheduled posts till I come back. Today’s post is all about my Singer Talent.

Singer Talent

My Singer Talent

My Singer Talent

We bought Singer Talent 3321 on 2nd of March 2014 from Sri Balaji Sales & Services. My friend Ms. Vidya Sharada had given information about the dealer. Thank you for your kind suggestions Vidyakka!

Shri Balaji Sales & Services are one of the authorised dealers of Singer, Usha and Novel Sewing Machines at Pune. They even offer free home delivery (that is rare for sewing machine purchases). Moreover, he is a Mangalorian, who knows Tulu. We were given 2+2 years warranty for our machine along with a discount of 3,300INR on the MRP of 13,700INR. The extended warranty was given as a part of seasonal offer from the dealer.

Our R&D Before Purchase

I had a motorised Manual Novel Sewing Machine. Novel Sewing Machines have recently become popular in my native, Puttur (Dakshina Kannada). We had Googled and noted Novel Automatic Sewing Machines 33 and 55. We had also noted Usha Allure, Usha Wonder Stitch and Singer Talent.

I strongly wished to buy either Novel Automatic 33 or 55. But, the dealer suggested buying either Usha or Singer as quality and life of Novel machine motors are not up to mark. Usha and Singer service centres are located all over India. Usha machines had less features compared to Singer. So, finally we went for Singer.

Where To Buy?

I suggest you not to buy sewing machines online. Whenever you need any assist, your dealer is readily available for you! But, before going to the dealer, do compare the prices online. Singer India has a list of dealers in their website. So, you can easily find the dealer nearby your place.

Features of Singer Talent

Singer Talent Features

Singer Talent – What I loved:

A lot of time saved because of:

  1. Easy top threading. No threading into holes. The thread guides are designed in such a way that slides through the guides lock the thread firmly.
  2. Automatic needle threading.
  3. Easy bobbin winding.
  4. One switch reverse stitching. Plus point is that stitch length settings remain unaffected.
  5. Snap-on presser foot.
  6. Twin needle functions
  7. Embroidery stitches that can also be used as functional stitches for beading, hemming, blind hemming, cording, gathering, over casting, etc.
  8. Quilt guide.
  9. Button stitching & button hole stitching functions (I have been avoiding stitching shirt only because of these two tasks)
  10. No oiling required as such. Once in a year when roughness is felt while sewing, then oiling of the feed dog is necessary.
  11. Automatic thread cutter: I am not a true lefty but, I hold scissors in my left hand. Picking my trimmer and replacing it is a troublesome task while using a right-handed sewing machine (of course most of the sewing machines are designed for the right handed people). Automatic thread cutting feature is helpful for the lefties as I have observed πŸ™‚ .

You can imagine how fantastically my Singer Talent swifts, looking at the following photo. I have sewn 5 sari blouses within a month in addition to managing my two blogs! Funniest fact is that I take double the time to prepare posts for blogs than making the projects!

Function Wear Sari Blouses

5 Function Wear Sari Blouses – Preparation for My Brother-in-law’s Wedding πŸ™‚

Did I tell you that these blouses are designed for me as a preparation for attending my brother-in-law’s wedding?

Drawbacks of Singer Talent:

It is too early to say something. I didn’t find any drawbacks as such till today. My automatic sewing machine is of medium range and this is the first domestic automatic sewing machine of mine. So, I am not the right person to write a review on comparison between high-medium-low ranges even though I have seen industrial ones.

Since this is my first automatic sewing machine, I was cautious for a day to adjust to the shift from manual to automatic. I have used the machine everyday and may be hence, I picked the changes up within a day. This transition period may vary from person to person. The more frequent the use is, the less the transition period is.

Still, I would suggest the beginners:

The needle hole is wider and lengthier supporting making of advanced stitches. So, fabric must be placed slightly to the back, covering the needle passing hole. If not done so, the fabric puckers and thread loops itself.

Manual V/s Automatic Sewing Machine

Both manual and automatic sewing machines have their own plus points.

  • Manual machine is comparatively slow but steady. Automatic one is faster.
  • Manual machine requires lots of human effort. Even motorised manual machine requires a little human effort. But, the automatic one is highly smooth due to advanced technology.
  • Machine speed balancing is very important for stitching slowly in sensitive areas or faster in other areas. It is the most difficult part for most of the beginners (80%) while learning sewing with the manual machines. But, in automatic ones, beginners can easily learn how much to press the foot speed controller. I have 11 years of sewing experience in manual machines and only a month in that of automatic ones. To me, speed controlling is comfortable in the manual sewing machine. May be I need to get more used to the automatic machines.
  • Manual machines need no electricity or even motorised manual machines can run without electricity. Just a treadle is required. But, automatic sewing machine needs electricity for sure.
  • Threading is tedious in manual sewing machine especially every time the thread is to be changed. Similarly, automatic threading, reverse stitching switch, one snap presser foot, button stitching-button holing, various presser foots (zipper foot, beading foot, overcasting foot, hemmer, and other functional foots) cut a lot of human effort. Of course, all the functional foots except the foots provided along with the machine cost about 5oooINR in total. No bobbin case required for the automatic sewing machines with easy top drop bobbins. Overall, automatic sewing machines save time a lot.
  • No regular oiling is required for the automatic machine. Most of the thread tension adjustment problems, pressure adjustment problems are nil in automatic sewing machines. But, when (very rarely) some problems arrive; the machine is to be taken to the service centre unlike the manual machine that can be maintained by us.
  • Over all the advanced features of automatic machines, one who has learnt sewing in the manual sewing machine would usually have a special feeling for the manual one. Some of my fellow bloggers have even dumped their computerised/programmable machines for the love of sewing with the manual machines! Such is the deep love and affection for the manual sewing machines!

So, finally, I would conclude that Singer Talent is one of the best automatic sewing machines of the medium range to own. I hope and wish my review may help any sewer while buying their first automatic sewing machine.

Enjoy the spring! Bye for now!



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  1. Good info on automatic sewing machine Sindhu. I have singer automatic and its handy. I don’t have any training in sewing but still I am able to use it for alterations. I used it without any maintenance for 3 years. Now I am having minor problems like thread timing. Only disadvantage is I have to take it to service centre every time. There are few Youtube videos on how to repair it at home. Yet to try them.

    • Thank you Chetana for stopping by and for your valuable feedback! I appreciate your inputs regarding your sewing experience with Singer automatic sewing machine πŸ™‚ I would definitely check out those Youtube videos and I hope this information would be helpful for other Tantu readers too πŸ™‚

      TC! Keep visiting! Keep smiling!

  2. Thanks for the review and a little bit of comparison too πŸ™‚ … I’ll definitely think over your review when I go for a new one…I am still using my very old manual sewing machine…nowadays, I just use it for repair work and alterations πŸ™‚ ….

  3. Wow Sindhu, what detailed review. I’m sure it will be helpful to a lot of people learning to sew and looking to buy their first machine.

  4. This is a very nicely written review–it’s balanced and fair, and you give good detail! I have a Singer machine that was made in 1951 and it still runs beautifully! With good care, I think your machine will make you happy for a long time!

    • Thank you so much for dropping your precious words Kerry! 1950s machine! Great! Old is always gold isn’t it?

      Hope you had a pleasant time in Tantu! TC! Keep visiting and keep smiling!

  5. Hi Sindhu,
    First, let me thank you for a very informative blog. I wish to buy a sewing machine and I am so confused that I change my opinion every day. I had finalised Usha Janome Stitch Magic, but the dealer recommended Singer Talent 3321. So this blog was particularly helpful. He also suggested Singer Brilliance 6180 for extra features. SO, just out of curiosity, why didn’t you consider the Brilliance 6180? Would you recommend it to a total novice like me?

    • Hi Sumedha,

      Happy to have you here! Glad to know that you like Tantu and this post was helpful to you πŸ™‚ I didn’t look for Singer Brilliance only because my budget was about 10K INR. Since you are a beginner, I would suggest you to try the basic ones first and to go for the electronic/digital/programmable ones after a couple of years. Please consider your requirement (basic or advanced) before buying any machine.

      I am sorry, I cannot tell anything about Singer Brilliance as I haven’t used it. But, as per the research I have made and as per my friends’, dealer’s suggestion; all I understood that Singer offers more features than Usha at same price.

      Please check reviews of Singer Talent here:
      & of Singer Brilliance here:

      Hope this information helps you πŸ™‚ TC! keep smiling! Keeps visiting!

  6. hi in many review site ppl say singer is not as before;
    and singer has many plastic accessories compared to USHA;

    Thinking of going for USHA wonder stich or allure or signer talent 3321;

    your comments and suggestions on this please;

    • Hi,

      Accept my apology for my late reply. Ummm, you have mentioned a good point. According to me, Singer is not as before but, Usha is also not as before! We cannot compare the olden days to today. We can compare the vintage treadle machine to none of today’s machines! But, we can only compare today’s Singer with today’s Usha. What I understood is, Singer provides more features than Usha for same price. I have sought views of my friends, online forums and my dealer. All have suggested Singer over Usha. I was eager to know about Usha Wonderstitch but, opted Singet Talent after studying the feature…

      You can always replace plastic accessories to metal ones… I use metal bobbins too.

      I am not forcing you in anyway. But, I suggest you to go for Singer Talent. Hope my words are of some use. TC! Keep smiling πŸ™‚

  7. hello… I also brought this singer 3321 today..3/8/14 but I am little sad bcs the motor speed is too slow… I just want to know that speed is like that only? bcs in YouTube they also show the same slow videos.. my old manual peddle machine is so speed for straight stich for saree.. and also machine shakes and vibrating… pls suggest me what to do.. I am just worried that i have wasted My money.. which is slow and shake…

    • Hi Satyu,

      Congratulations and welcome to Tantu πŸ™‚ Singer Talent is not a heavy duty machine. My Singer Talent sews fast and may be when sewing in maximum speed, which is not suggested in automatics (shouldn’t over stress the machines even though they are capable), it may vibrate little.

      Did you buy through dealer? Why don’t you seek their help as you’d be having 2 years warranty.

      I hope everything will be fine. Please let me know once the problem is solved. TC! Keep smiling πŸ™‚

  8. Check reviews at UseMyReviews as well.


  9. Hello Sindhu,
    This is the information i was looking for…i was in a dileamma between Novel Auto designer 55 / 33, Usha Janome Allure and Bernette 15. I googled everywhere but hardly anybody has reviewed about novel sewing machine….this really helped me.

    • Hi Dhanu,

      Welcome to Tantu πŸ™‚ Glad that my review helped you to some extent to finalise your new sewing machine.

      Hope you had a pleasant stay at Tantu. TC! Keep smiling πŸ™‚ Visit again!

  10. hi, I have Brought a Talent Machine for my Wife few days b4 and just had your review today. this is a great machine to go with.

  11. Thanks for info.
    I’m cunfused to singer talent vs usha janome allure
    Please help me which is the best sew machine

    • Hi Mahendra,

      My pleasure! Thank you for stopping by…
      Both Singer Talent and Usha Allure are good machines, as my dealer said. Singer Talent comes with more embroidery stitches (6 basic stitches + 10 decorative stitches) than Usha Allure (not sure of the numbers, but definitely less). If you are looking for more features for same price, then I would suggest Singer Talent itself. Just by paying 1500INR extra (ask dealers for discounts on MRP of 13700INR), you get features of Usha Stitch Magic (MRP 17000INR).

      Hope this helps you. Best wishes… TC! Keep smiling πŸ™‚ Visit again!

      • Hi, i got Singer Talent for Rs. 10000/- from Chennai Singer Company showroom.
        The Chennai Singer has imported fresh stock few days before from its Vietnam factory and the original cost is INR 11500/-.

        apart from the 21 types of Decorative stitches, i have calculated that this machine can make nearly 55 different styles based on the imagination of user. πŸ™‚

        • Wow! Congratulations! That’s a great deal!

          Hmm, yes, based on imagination + using different presser feet we can make 55 different stitches. The special presser feet that are not given in the accessory kit are comparatively expensive and cost about 4000IRN in total. I am looking for online deals that sell them at a low price…

          Happy sewing! TC! Keep smiling πŸ™‚

  12. Hi, do we have any online craft store in India apart from “ &”

  13. Thanks for your post about the singer 3321 it helped me a lot…
    i would be glad if you could tell me from where i can buy other presser feet for singer 3321…at a cheaper rate..
    Thanks n TC

    • Hi Margret, thank you very much for your visit to Tantu and your valuable words for my review πŸ™‚ I am looking for online offers about presser feet too. Will surely inform you when I find a better offer.
      TC! Keep smiling πŸ™‚ Keep visiting Tantu πŸ™‚

  14. Thank u so much… U have given me a clear idea on what to buy. Singer machine is costing around 13700 with the dealer, online it is 10k or 11k…what would u suggest? Online or dealer?

    • Hi Vidyu, happy to know you found the article useful. Below are my thoughts about online v/s physical store purchases –

      1. Online deals are often tempting. But, it is important to research about the online suppliers before purchasing. Look for the supplier’s reviews and ratings in the e shopping cart. Physical stores listed in the Singer website are trustworthy.
      2. Online purchases have a higher chance of recieving damaged product. But, a dealer is more aught to sell good product as you see it and but it.
      3. Usually, an automatic Singer sewing machine doesn’t need service for a long time, but, keep in mind, dealers may or may not give much attention to online purchased products.
      4. If you opt to purchase from an online store, choose trusted sites like Flipkart, Amazon etc. Look for return policy. Check the supplier reviews and ratings. Choose cash on delivery option.

      I hope this helps.

  15. And one more thing… Do we get extra circular attachment in singer talent 3321 to stitch flowers?? I have seen a video regarding this, but I’m not sure of the model used in the video.

  16. Hi, my search for a good sewing machine ended here, thanks to your reviews. I’m just a beginner and joined tailoring classes a month ago for baby frocks, salwar kameez n saree blouse. I have no prior experience in stitching. I did some research n zeroed in on singer 8280 and usha allure based on my budget but hubby thinks I should go for 3321 as it has too many features. And, this is exactly the problem I have. I don’t think I require it as I don’t see myself using all those features. It would be great if u could tell me whether I still should go for 3321 or decide between 8280 n allure model based on my requirement. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Archana,

      Welcome to Tantu. I am glad you found this review a useful one.

      I appreciate your understanding about your requirements. I equally appreciate your hubby’s concerns about your interests πŸ™‚ Since you are aware of the features of the sewing machines, we can consider one point in finalising. Do you think you may like to add machine embroidery to your creations in future? If yes, you may go for 3321 and if not you may go for 8280. But, to get all the 55 stitch functions, you need to invest on more presser feet that cost about 3,500INR extra. If you are thinking of going for Usha Allure, I would definitely suggest you 3321 instead (because for almost same amount, you get better features in 3321).

      I hope my words may be of some use.

      TC! Keep smiling πŸ™‚

  17. Hi, thanks a lot for your advice. I just came back to thank you n tell u that I’m a proud owner of singer talent now. Hubby was serious about buying one with extra features than a normal 8280 one. I was only worried that if I never sew, it would be a waste of money. I told him about your blog n he inspired me saying that if a fashion designer recommends this model, then it must be true. He said, even if I didn’t use, he wouldn’t be upset with me coz he was very sure that I’ll change my opinion once I use it. And, can u believe it? I have been going for sewing classes from past 5 days n I already made two straight cut gowns n 3 cute frill frocks for my 2 year old girl. That too all in just 2 days. That’s coz I’m absolutely in love with it. Today I learnt salwar top paper cutting, came back home n tried it on a waste saree and it fit me absolutely perfect. I don’t even know you, but trusted ur words of wisdom and perfectly satisfied. Thanks n I’ll keep visiting this blog. Bookmarked it now.

  18. Hi sindhoooo,
    I really appreciate your post. its very much useful for beginners. I have few doubts in my mind, please get it clarify.
    I am a software engineer but very much passionate about stitching, embroidery etc.
    I have only Saturday and Sunday to play with my sewing machine (but i am thinking to make my carrier in this direction). I am planning to buy a machine which can be useful in stitching, embroidery ,must have picot stitch. I gone through your blog and now confused with Singer Fashion make 8280 and Singer Talent 3321 models. Please suggest me which should I buy or any other model to meet my household requirements for now. My Budget is below 10000.

    • Hi Pooja,

      Happy to know that in-spite of being a software professional you still want to pursue your passion as your career!
      8280 is a good machine, my friend uses it. Comparatively, 3321 has more embroidering options. For picot and other advanced stitch options, we need to buy separate presser feet that cost total of 3,500INR that can be bought any time later.
      If you can negotiate with your dear about Singer Talent 3321 for 10000INR or slightly more, then better to go for 3321 itself. Because you may have to compromise only a little.
      Hope my views help you to finalise what to buy. Best wishes…
      TC! Keep smiling πŸ™‚

  19. Hello,
    I am from delhi. Gone through ur detailed review. Really helpful. I m doing a course in fashion designing. Very much confused about usha, singer and brother sewing machine.
    Pls tell me if u know anything about brother sewing machines. Bcos the things i m getting in usha stitch magic or singer talent, brother gs3700 has all those features nd even more, and that too at the cost of rs 9600/- only..
    Totally confused bcos don’t want to waste my money.
    Please if u could suggest something better.. Thanks in advance..

    • Hi Mehak,
      It’s very nice to know that you are learning fashion designing. Thanks for reminding about Brother, it just got slipped in the review.

      Brother is a japanese sewing machine manufacturing company. Most of the industrial sewing machines I had seen in the firms at Coimbatore and Bengaluru are from Brothers. Brother is known for quality. My dealer also had some Brother sewing machines and I wished to buy one of them. But, in my dealer’s opinion, Brother has limited number of service centres India wide. I am from a coastal Karnataka district, and as per my observation too, I have never seen Brother sewing machine providing dealers in my district. That is the only reason I dropped Brother from my list.

      Usha is a nice brand too. If we compare the price, Usha will be expensive, Singer will be moderate and Brother will be reasonable.

      I hope this information is helpful for you. If you are living in Delhi, then my suggestion is that it would be better if you go for Brother. I hope you get the best machine for the money you are spending.
      TC… keep smiling πŸ™‚

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