DIY Tutorial: Kundan Jewellery

A tutorial of making inexpensive and easy party wear kundan jewellery set for beginners.

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As a fashion design lecturer, I needed some fashionable jewellery for every event in our college. As I wanted to be unique every time, buying onetime wear jewellery for not less than 500INR was not worth. Wearing expensive gold jewellery for a college event didn’t make sense to me. Then I decided to make inexpensive costume jewellery. When I do so, being in a creative field, I could encourage my students to make their own jewellery too.

Today, we will see how to make a kundan costume jewellery set that I had illustrated here. This post is based on the request of Swarovski Rings UK.

Kundan Jewellery Set

Kundan Junk Jewellery Close-up View

Kundan Junk Jewellery Close-up View

Budget:                               Within 75 INR

Time Required:                 1-2 Hours

Skill Level:                         Easy

What You Need:

  • Large Purple Kundan (slightly more than 1/4 inch diameter, round shape)
33 pieces for necklace, 6 pieces for ear hangings
  • Small Purple Kundan (about 1/4 inch diameter, round shape)
  • Blue Kundans (about 1/2 inch diameter round shape)
  • Pink Kundans of Tear Shape
  • Jump rings silver or golden as per choice:
about 110 for necklace, 20 for ear hangings
  • A pair of Hook and eye; or an adjustable braided tying cord
  • Ear wires

Note: You may use pliers to hold and shape the jump rings. Use of pliers speeds up the process.

How to make the necklace?

  1. Take a small purple kundan. Join a pink tear shaped kundan with a jump ring. Make 11+11+5 similar hangings.

    Kundan Hangings for Necklace

    Step 1: Kundan Hangings for Necklace

  2. Take 33 big purple kundans. Make a long chain of them using 32 jump rings. Leaving 4 kundans on each end and leaving the 5 kundans at the centre, join the 11+11 hangings (mentioned in 1st step) using jump rings. This makes the necklace chain.
    Kundan Necklace Chain without hangings

    Step 2: Kundan Necklace Chain without hangings

     Kundan Necklace Chain With Hangings

    Step 2: Kundan Necklace Chain With Hangings

  3. Make a chain of 9 jump rings. Now take 3 hangings from remaining hangings made in step 1. Join them to 3rd, 5th and 7th jump ring in the jump ring chain. This will be the centre piece hanging.
  4. Take 4 bluekundans. Join them using 3 jump rings. Now take the centre piece hanging made in step 3. Join the two sides of the centre piece hanging to the first jump ring and third jump ring of blue kundan chain. Thus centre piece is ready.

    Kundan Necklace Centre Piece Making

    Step 3 & 4: Kundan Necklace Centre Piece Making

  5. Do you remember we had left the centre of necklace without hangings? Now join the centre piece made in step 4, along with remaining 2 hangings to the necklace centre using jump rings as shown below.

    Kundan Costume Jewellery - Neck Piece Centre Part

    Step 5: Kundan Costume Jewellery – Neck Piece Centre Part

  6. Finally, join the necklace to an adjustable braided cord.

     Joining Adjustable Braided Cord

    Step 6: Joining Adjustable Braided Cord

  7. Kundan necklace is ready.

Making ear hangings

Kundan Ear Hanging Making

Kundan Ear Hanging Making

  1. Take 3 big purple kundans. Make a triangular structure using 4 jump rings as shown. Add extra jump ring to each jump ring/s.
  2. Take 3 blue kundans. Join them using 2 jump rings and make a chain. Join the 2 kundans at the side to 2 consecutive extra jump rings in the triangular structure made in above step.
  3. Take a jump ring. Add it to the remaining 3rd extra jump ring. Add a blue kundan to it which in turn is joined to an ear wire.
  4. Repeat all the above steps to make another ear hanging.

Thus Kundan Costume Jewellery is ready to wear!Kundan Costume Jewellery Set


Do you think this kundan jewellery can rock the party? Are you fond of fancy costume jewelleries? Is this jewellery making project helpful for you? Your feedback helps Tantu to grow.

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  1. Wow,Sindhu,your jewellery is so beautiful!The colours are gorgeous and its shape too…. fab fab fab fab fabulous!!!!

    • Thanks so much Tajana for the kindest words of encouragement 🙂 Having compliments from a great crafts-person means a lot! TC! Keep smiling 🙂

  2. That’s really really pretty and hats off to your creative skills.

  3. Detailed explanation.. Grt work

  4. Lovely colours, Sindhu! You make it look so simple to make, yet this jewellery is so eye-catching – fabulous 🙂

  5. Gorgeous necklace, Sindhu. 🙂 You have explained it in such detail. Cheers.

  6. colorful and beautiful 🙂

  7. That is so beautiful. You have an amazing eye for colour. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  8. Sindhu have you ever thought of selling your pieces online? They look so pretty!

    • I am very very happy that you find this jewellery salable! Thank you for reminding me of my yet to be forgotten but not really forgotten dream 🙂 I am looking for the right time to start selling my creations 🙂

      TC! Keep smiling 🙂

  9. Very pretty Sindhu…The jewellery rocks…

  10. Wow! This is soooo pretty & creative! You make it look easy, Sindhu!
    And just withing Rs 75! Kudos to you 🙂

    • Thanks for your encouraging words Anita 🙂 So kind of you! Hmm, actually I had spent about 50 Rs when I made it. But, its long since I purchased them, so added those 25 Rs for any user’s guidance so as to balance any change in the prices.

      Glad you are here! TC! keep smiling 🙂

  11. Very creative and beautiful 🙂 will surely try this in weekend 🙂

  12. Wow Sindhu, its Amazing.. your are so talented.
    I jus love all ur DIY projects.. Great job dear 🙂

    • Thank you for your kind words Bhawya 🙂 I’m very happy that you like my DIY projects… Your encouraging words made my day! TC! Keep smiling 🙂

  13. Very beautiful work 🙂

  14. Hello. I too a fashion lecturer. I teach in uk and have students from all cultures. I love the tutorial on the piece of jewellery. I will encourage my students to follow this up. I would also like more tutorial on pattern cutting for saree blouses and Churidhar the bag method PLEASE.

    • Hi, very sorry for my late reply. Nice to know that you are a fashion lecturer 🙂 Thank you very much for your kind words for this DIY. Yes, I am into these pattern posts which you and many others have requested, but, it is taking longer than I thought… Hope to cover them soon!

      TC! Keep smiling 🙂

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