Fitting An Oversized Ready-made Kurta/Kurti/Kameez

Are you very much picky choosing colour, style and design of your outfits but, fed up getting right look and right fit at the same time? This garment alteration post, is about ideas of fitting ready-to-wear garments like Kurta, Kurti and Kameez that are over-sized. This introductory post links to many tutorial posts that deal with several ways to fit over-sized garments based on individual style and design, thus giving suitable style tips.

Oversized Ready-made Kurta Kurti Kameez AlterationNamaste Dear Tantu Enthusiast,

How do you do? My Indian friends, hope you had great Navaratri festival and Bakrid πŸ™‚ May that supreme power we believe and worship, bless us all!

Hey, did you buy your ethnic wear online or did you actually go to the showroom? In whatever way I buy the ready-made clothes; I am very choosy about the colour, style and designs of Kurtas/Kurtis. But, when I find something which matches these criteria, it wouldn’t be available in my size i.e., S πŸ™ Sometimes S size also troubles a lot! Have you been facing similar problems?

Over-sized Kurta/Kurti/Kameez – Problems

Usual problem with ready-to-wears is that it doesn’t fit at your shoulders and armholes. When you take it to your dressmaker or whom we call as tailor, they straight away refuse to show any way to make it fit. If you ask to reshape the armhole, it won’t be having sufficient width for a new curve. If shoulder and armhole is not fitted, you cannot get close fitting at the waist too.

I have been facing these problems like you. Most of the time, I had invited them πŸ˜€ I have already told you that I am very particular about the colour, style and design. Instead of selecting another garment with which I am not happy, I have been choosing the one which pleases me. May be, I had that over confidence that I can do alterations to fit it properly.

Over-sized Kurta/Kurti/Kameez – Solutions

Finally, after doing lots of successful and unsuccessful works, I am happy to state that I have succeeded in solving these fitting problems by following some methods. I am very much excited to share the ideas with you.

When I organised these ideas, the topic extended into a very long essay. As I try to limit a post size to 500 to 1000 words for readers’ convenience, I planned to post them as individual topics. The topics finalised so far are:

I would be linking these when I post them. Coming back soon! Take care! Bye until the next post! Yours, Sindhu Stay tuned! Catch the latest updates! Be informed about the latest happenings. Follow Tantu through e-mail, FB, G+, Pinterest, Linkedin, Bloglovin or IFB.


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  1. Will be waiting for your posts ?

  2. It sounds like you have been very busy with trying out your clothing alterations, Sindhu!! πŸ˜€
    I too sometimes buy large garments – usually because I love the material! – then I will alter the garment into my shape and size … or sometimes make it into something else altogether!! πŸ˜€
    I will look forward to reading your dressmaking alteration ideas πŸ™‚

    • Ha haa πŸ˜€ Yes, in fact I have been doing this for years… πŸ˜€ But, got confidence to share the information only by now πŸ™‚ Wow Peggy! Nice to know that we have same preferences πŸ™‚ I am very much eager to know how you alter or makeover them…

      Thank you πŸ™‚ Hope like you like this series and give me your valuable feedback πŸ™‚ Please share your thoughts with us.

      TC! Keep smiling πŸ™‚

  3. Eagerly waiting for the posts.

  4. A very useful and “Hatke” series it will be. Keep it up Sindhu πŸ™‚

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