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A review of my shopping experience with, a flagship store for women.

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It’s been a long since I updated anything. How are you? How are you enjoying summer? Well, I am busy gulping the seasonal local fruits 😀 as we have come to the end of the season in this part of the world expecting monsoon in no time…

Online shopping is the trend of the day that makes our lives easy providing exciting shopping experiences. Internet is flooded with many online shopping sites and new shopping sites show up every day. But, not every site upholds the customer expectations. One such trending and promising online shopping site is I recently did a trial shopping with LimeRoad and today’s post is a review of my shopping experience with the same.

What is is a Flagship store for women launched on 18th October 2012 that is based in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. LimeRoad offers wide range of rare fashion products for women from head to toe including ethnic to western looks. LimeRoad also provides home and kitchen products. One can imagine the popularity that LimeRoad has gained by looking at the love of over 9.5 million fans in Facebook within a duration of 2 ½ years.

My Shopping experience with

They say, ‘How you deal with smallest things defines what actually you are’. I tried the same with and I went for the lowest price range. I bought three products in the first round. Every category showed up interesting style collections. I went for a pair of printed leggings, a printed dupatta and a canvas sling bag.

Blue printed cotton knit leggings by 27ashwood

Having a glance of clothing category in LimeRoad is a visual treat. The collections are distinctive from ethnic to modern, from solids to prints and from high to budget. I decided to go for a pair of printed leggings. A pair of ash blue leggings with awesome print in white is what I chose. Guess what? The random all over print is of thread spools, buttons, shirts, bows, socks and many more beautiful motifs… How could I have not picked it???

Ash Blue Printed Leggings @ LimeRoad I read the description, care and other details in the page. Satisfied with the details and the pictures, I grabbed that cute sewer’s leggings of MRP 449 INR.

The leggings arrived home through courier within 3 days. Everything was fine but the first look at the print cautioned me about losing the print in one wash. I washed it by hand, even rubbed it. But, the print is still stable 🙂

Blue printed cotton knit leggings by 27ashwood

Blue printed cotton knit leggings by 27ashwood

Blue printed cotton knit leggings - Close up

Blue printed cotton knit leggings – Close up

I am so happy… I love my cute sewer’s leggings 🙂

Plush Orange Printed Dupatta By Ethnic

I was stunned looking at the beautiful dupatta collection at LimeRoad. I wanted to buy many of them. But for the trial shopping, I finalised a multi coloured floral printed crush cotton dupatta of MRP 187 INR.

Dupatta also came within 3 days of ordering. You know what? I fell in love with the richness of the colours it has. The cotton material is absorbent and feels comfortable against skin.

 Plush Orange Printed Dupatta - Close Up

Plush Orange Printed Dupatta – Close Up

Dupatta is quite long than I thought. It reaches my calf muscles (!) when I wear it on one side of my shoulder and I am 5’4”tall. I have washed it and the colours have not bleeded! That’s so much one can expect for the price 187 INR!!!

Floral Finesse Printed Bag by Crafts My Dream

There are chic bags of different kinds for different occasions. I picked a sling bag of canvas material with pink-orange-black large floral print with a black handle. It costs only 300 INR!

 Floral Finesse Printed Bag by Crafts My Dream @

Floral Finesse Printed Bag by Crafts My Dream @

The bag came in 3 days as well. The dimensions were as mentioned and the specifications were also matching the product description given in the site. It had a zipper pocket and two side by side no fastener pockets in the inside, as mentioned. The handle is of a faux leather material with braided backing. The print quality is excellent.

Floral Finesse Printed Bag - Print

Floral Finesse Printed Bag – Print

‘Whoa! Where are we planning to go this weekend??’, what else can be my expression!

Features to note in LimeRoad

  1. The vast variety collection of exceptionally unique products what LimeRoad exhibits is of course what I like the most. There is everything for everyone and I mean it! Anything in traditional to modern style of grand wedding wears, elegant party wears, cool casuals, pretty night dresses, beautiful beach wears, sexy lingerie… Do you want to accessories them? LimeRoad helps you to accessorise with jewellery, watches, bags, foot wears, scarves, stoles, head gears, beauty products of all the kinds to suit your taste. What else you want? Do you want to buy a new gadget like mobile or laptop? LimeRoad has them too. Even you will find a great collection of ‘home and kitchen’ products to decorate your home as you wish.
  2. LimeRoad provides all these products in a wide price range from budget to high end.
  3. There is always something hot in LimeRoad. I love checking every now and then the ‘rush hour’ and the ‘sale’ categories to see the great deals of discount.
  4. ‘Love’ option: It is an amazing option to save and watch a product later. You can also check the popularity of the product by looking at the love count it has gained. It helps to finalise a product out of a bunch of products you like. This option also helps to check if the products you are watching come up with any discounts.
  5. There is an exciting style council in which we can find styling ideas created by top models/actors like Neha Dhupia and many awesome fashion designers and fashion bloggers. We can follow them, like and buy the stunning looks created by them. Being a designer, I love to create looks on LimeRoad. One can earn LR credits that can be used in getting shopping discounts by creating their own looks and sharing the same. Wow! That means we can earn while shopping!
  6. Detailed product descriptions are given by most of the sellers. It is very easy to shop through LimeRoad as the products are given all the required details about the material, dimensions and enough good resolution photographs in all the possible angles as well as close-ups. It gives a feeling of shopping directly in the showroom itself.
  7. Shipment and packaging: LimeRoad ships the products to all the places within India by courier or in certain cases by speed post services. Estimated delivery time will be as mentioned in the product description page that varies from 3-15 days depending upon thelocationto be shipped. My products werecouriered and I have received all my products superfast within 3 days after ordering them. My products were intact and packed firm in sealed plastic bags.   Free shipping is available for all orders aboveINR300. That’s cool!

    Shipment Received from

    Shipment Received from

  8. Payment options: Credit Card (Visa/ Amex/ Master Card), Debit Card (All leading bank debit cards), Netbanking (All leading banks) and one can also opt for the Cash-on-Delivery (COD). But, point to note, all the CODs are charged with an extra of 79 INR.
  9. Track orders: As in every online shopping venture, there will be an order tracking page in your LimeRoad account too. The order status gets updated as it gets shipped and delivered or cancelled.
  10. Return policy: While purchasing something from Limeroad, you will get to know the information about return policy. If the product cannot be returned/exchanged you can find it written in the product page itself.
  11. LimeRoad Mobile App: One can use LimeRoad mobile app to shop on the go.

Limitations of my LimeRoad Shopping Review

  1. I have ordered only clothing/materials made of fabrics.
  2. I have not cancelled any of my orders.
  3. I have not exchanged or returned any product.
  4. I have not tried LimeRoad Mobile app enough to comment on that.
  5. I have not checked how LimeRoad responses to the customer queries.

LimeRoad’s Scoreboard:

Product range4/5Very good range.Men’s and kid’s sections expected to be opened soon!
Product quality/seller’s score4/5Quality of the received goods are very good. All of them are as photographed and described.
Shipment4/5Excellent. Quite fast.
Packing3.5/5Good. As described. Packing is simple and it could be better even though none of the products were damaged nor in bad condition due to packing.

It was an amazing experience to shop with If you are planning to buy clothing/related online, then I would definitely suggest you to try and I am sure it will not disappoint you 🙂

Take care! Bye until the next post!




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  1. Good choice of shopping Sindhu 🙂
    You are right in hot weather it’s best to splurge on fruits.

  2. Nice review. Seems like a good website.

    • Thank you, Kiran 🙂 Yes, LimeRoad is very interesting website for fashion lovers… Do try when it is possible.
      I missed some of your posts recently as I had no proper internet access at my native 🙁 Hoping to read them soon!
      TC! Keep smiling 🙂

  3. Nobody could have written better about them like you did. Awesome review!

    • Thank you, Alok for your kind words 🙂
      I am so sorry I have missed reading many of your posts recently… Missing Saru’s blog too 🙁 Hopefully, I will make it as soon as possible to read your blog regularly…
      TC… Keep smiling 🙂

  4. Hi Sindhu! It looks like you have had a good time with your online shopping – I love your colourful bag. I like to do online shopping too – I find it much more relaxing than going into busy shops 😉
    Kind regards, Peggy 🙂

    • Hi Peggy! Yes dear, enjoyed shopping with LimeRoad like never before! I agree with you, online shopping saves time and money if shopped wisely. One more thing I like is that there are no sales assistants to get irritated looking at us who keep thinking for long time if we are making the right choice 😀 😉
      Thanks a lot for the warm words, dear… Will make it soon to see and get inspired by the recent happenings in your creative world…
      TC… Keep smiling 🙂

  5. Wow.. The bag is so awesome. . I am now willing to try this site.. awesome review 🙂

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