Blouse Fitting Techniques – An Overview

About the sari blouse adjustment problems and solutions; ways to alter a sari blouse for fitting – side seam alterations, Cholakaaptas and shoulder/side seam panels.

Sari is a graceful draped costume from Bharat (India). Lifestyles and dressing preferences have changed tremendously due to globalization. But, the craze for saris seems to be a trend forever. Whatever be the occasion, you get a sari for you and a unique draping style to charm.

It is no secret that sari blouses influence the sari look. As we know, sari blouses are sensitive to weight gains and weight losses. And it is the main concern of most of us who wear saris only occasionally.

Weight changes and Sari Blouse Adjustments

Sari Blouse Fitting Techniques

Body proportion change due to weight gains and weight losses vary from person to person. Hence, sari blouse adjustments are different for different individuals. This post is to discuss in detail about the different adjustment techniques for sari blouses which we have been dealing with recently.

1. Side seam alterations 

It is the adjustment done at the side seam of the blouse.

Body weight changes result change in girth measurements i.e., measurements around the body. It means, in sari blouse, bodice, armhole and sleeve round measurements vary as bust, arm round and arms measurements change.

So, it is simple that the side seam (sleeve-armpit-waist line) needs alterations. And we have been doing the same so long. This is the first and oldest way to alter blouses.

This method is useful for slight weight changes. It doesn’t help when weight has changed too much as the bodice length and bust point need alteration. To avoid doing and undoing side seam every time for frequent slight weight changes, using Cholakaaptas may be a better option.

2. Cholakaaptas- the blouse bodice adjusters

Cholakaaptas are rectangular or shaped panels with fasteners at sides, used to add width to blouse bodices.

Cholakaapta - Blouse Adjuster - Types - shirred type, tucks type and eyes type in illustrations

During pregnancy and post-pregnancy, bust measurement increases and it often keeps changing. This is a temporary (say, 2-3 years) change. During postpartum, I noticed that my blouses needed only bodice width. So, the idea of Cholakaapta came to life. We have been discussing about sari blouse bodice fitting in the Cholakaapta – the blouse bodice adjuster series. I have shared some easy tricks to add slight widths to sari blouse bodices too, based on Cholakaapta concept.

Cholakaapta makes life so easy because it can be used with any blouse. Blouse doesn’t need any alterations. If blouse bodice length and bust point need alterations, shoulder adjustments may be required.

3. Adding side seam panel and/or Shoulder seam adjustments

Some girls gain too much weight permanently due to various reasons. In such cases, side seam panel and/or shoulder adjustments are suggested along with Cholakaapta if needed. Shoulder adjustments may add bodice length and do bust point alteration. Read the post – with detailed instructions for shoulder and side seam adjustments. These are the permanent alterations for the blouses.

Shoulder and Side SeamAlterations Illustrations

So, girls! Gone are those days piling up your favorite sari blouses in the cupboard for fitting issues. Now see how easy and peaceful the sari and blouse selection for an event is. Agreeing with me? Please share your thoughts. Thank you!


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