Easily Organise Drawerless Clothes Cupboard

Quick tip to a ready-to-move, no cost clothes organiser for saving space in small cupboards and for easy access.

Clothes Cupboard Organiser with dress packing box.

Living in rented house gives lots of organising ideas. You plan according to the already built house. It’s exciting to move house and tiresome at the same time as we get food for creativity and lots of extra work respectively. The first house move (total three so far in six years!) made me think of easy ways to set clothes cupboard.

You call me lazy or you may call me a perfectionist :-D, I was fed up with piles of clothes that fall down while pulling one. I wanted to keep them neat but in an easy way. Internet is flooded with organising hacks and I started looking for ideas suitable for our needs.

I fell in love with drawers idea. Many organisers have shared the idea of clothes rolling in the drawers. But, who has drawers in rented house? Who can afford the suitable ones to buy for every rented house? Who can manage them while moving? Certainly not we.

What to do then???

Tadaaa…!!! I had many shirt packing boxes in my collection! I have been using them to keep shirts but not in the rolled manner. Now, use them as drawers/organisers! Yay!!!

Clothes Cupboard Organiser

I have been using these clothes organisers for five years now and recommend it to all. It’s a no-cost, space saving and easy to use idea. Before, I could keep three shirts in flat manner. But, with rolled style, I keep five mens T-shirts in one box. Look for detailed instructions in the animated GIF below.

How to use a packing box for clothes organising?

DIY clothes Organising Hack GIF - No cost, space saving, easily accessible method with garment packing box.

Clothes Organising Hack with Dress Packing Box

  1. Take dresses. Fold the dress lengthwise to adjust it to the box width. Roll them as shown. Dresses of grown ups can be folded widthwise too before rolling.
  2. Take a dress packing box. Open the lid. Place the lid beneath the bottom part. This gives strength to the organiser.
  3. Place the rolled dresses side by side in the box as shown.
  4. Similarly set dresses in many packing boxes. Keep boxes one above the other and place them in the cupboard.
  5. When you need to take a dress, pull out the boxes and pick the required one. See how easily you can make choice and take it without disturbing other dresses.


  1. This type of organising is the best for kids garments. Reason, the small dresses are held nicely in the box.
  2. Any foldable dress can be kept in such organiser. Frocks, Kurtas, Kurtis, Salwars, Chudidars, leggings, jeggings, Skirts, T – shirts, shawls, veils, etc can be organised in this organiser. You can organise underwears and handkerchiefs too. I keep sari skirts too in this organiser. But, better to follow hanging style for formal shirts and trousers. If not, folded shirts and trousers can be kept flat in packing boxes.
  3. Packing boxes come in different sizes. Use them accordingly to organise light and bulky dresses.
  4. You can wrap the boxes with gift wrapping papers to give a grand look. But, I love the original box design (and lazy to do wrapping task).
  5. I don’t hesitate to ask for a gift/packing box whenever I buy clothes. If you observe, all the clothing stores employees preserve these packing boxes like a treasure as they know their importance.
  6. This is a house move friendly organising idea. Just close the lids, keep them one over the other in large cartons. Done! Thus you keep your clothes Ready-to-move!

Do you have any such easy organising hacks? Why don’t you share them with us? Thank you!


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  1. In fact, i use this technique for packing clothes in luggage too! It makes up for leveling the bottom of a suitcase, especially those with a trolley.

    • Wow! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your version, Alok 🙂 It would help many travelers.

      I too have used boxes in luggage, but felt it only increases luggage size. Let me be more clear, we carry an adjustable luggage bag while traveling to native (and currently that’s the only place we are traveling to with our toddler) in our car. This bag has to shrink in size while coming back to fit all the goodies from native 😀

  2. Impressive ideas. Keep writing and inspiring!

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