Some Awesome Silk Saris at Khadi Utsav 2018

A collection of best silk saris I captured at Khadi Utsav 2018 being held at Freedom Park, Bengaluru from 2nd January 2018 to 31st January 2018. I wish I could capture many others that I could just see.


Tribal Motifs

Tribal motif in gold and red – it was love at first sight! The embossed effect created in weaving is just awesome!


I loved the light green and baby pink patches created over off white body, probably by localised dyeing (like Ikkat). Golden border enhances its look. Imagining its pairing up with bright (magenta or bright green or blue or multi coloured) rich brocade blouse…

Fresh Colours

The depth of colour is amazing! This uber rich border from a sari with orange warp and magenta weft stole my heart.

Beautiful Mess!

This is one of the messes I have ever liked in my life, colourful silk saris!!

Ikkat Saris

The most intricate yarn dyed – Ikkats from Odisha… Worn with boldly designed blouses surely make the wearer look outstanding! I couldn’t take a close up view of Ikkats. But, I wanted to showcase Ikkat because I understand the pain of the maker to produce the patterns in yarns before weaving.

Ilkal Saris

Beautiful Ilkal saris are our own state, Karnataka’s pride! I fell for the intense colours and checks – they are so classic!

More Silk Saris

Below is a gallery of some more lovely silk saris I photographed.

It is good to buy silk saris at exhibitions like Khadi Utsav. These are the places where we get at chance to directly meet the makers. So, we are skipping a middle person and so ensuring lowered comission. I have observed that they are fashionable, attractively coloured and reasonably priced. If you compare the cost with that tagged at a showroom, you will not be surprised the price is quite low in Khadi Utsav.

If you are a Bengalurian, you may already know about Khadi Utsav 2018 which is an exhibition conducted by Khadi and Village Industries Commission. Even if you don’t want saris, you will find a textile for your need and for your entire family. If you are still thinking whether to go or not, please read my reviews of Khadi Utsav 2017 (last year) and Khadi Utsav 2018 (this year). Make sure to visit Khadi Utsav 2018, you will not regret it! Thank you!


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  1. I once roamed in entire Kolkata to buy a silk Saree for Saru just before marriage. But, unfortunately, she never wore it! It still lies unpacked somewhere in my home in India.

    Btw, I absolutely adore ladies in Sarees…it makes them look all the more elegant.

    • What a sweet memory of yours, Alok! Hope Saru wears it sometimes when you return to Bharat πŸ™‚ I agree, sari is an extraordinary attire that magically changes the wearer’s look.

      Thanks Alok, for sharing your words πŸ™‚ I am writing extra posts these days just to ensure more people make use of Khadi Utsav and the makers get somemore buyers. In this hurry, I was unable to read your blog… Eager to read your year-end trip posts…

  2. I am keen to attend this. Such colorful sarees.And I adore khadi clothes, got stitched some dresses for myself some time back.

    • Bengal, the land of Muslins! Then, how a Bengali won’t like Khadi? Bengalis are sari lovers, aren’t they? You will definitely find lovely saris, Indrani πŸ™‚ If you go early in the morning, you can find the venue less crowded. Sundays will be very busy days. Hope you will get what you like at Khadi Utsav πŸ™‚

      I saw beautiful saris from West Bengal in 3-4 stalls, but couldn’t capture them in the limited time I had πŸ™

  3. I still remember the day I explored Kanchi in Tamil Nadu for shopping a saree to my mother. My mother recently passed away but still those precious moments and joy of my mother when I gifted her the saree is a life long cherishing memory for me. The speciality of sarees compared to other clothing is they are emotional πŸ™‚

Your words make my day! Thank you!