How to do Wet Painting?

A DIY post on wet painting and it’s application on clothing and textiles.

DIY Wet Painting

Long ago I showed you abstract painting on my plain green sari. I had painted that sari with thread painting, spray painting and wet painting techniques. Upon the request of Ms Deepa Prabhu, I had written detailed posts on thread painting and spray painting. Wet painting post had been waiting to get published. I was organising my post folder and noticed it. I thought why not to share it today. I hope you enjoy this tutorial.

Wet Painting

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Wet painting is a method of painting on a wet fabric surface. This technique utilises the spreading nature of paint in a wet fabric to create interesting designs.

Difficulty level: Easy

Skill level: Basic

Time taken to design a square feet area: 5 minutes to paint and time taken to complete the design is till the fabric dries

Design ApplicationMedium to very large designs are formed. The more fabric absorbs and the more readily water spreads, the larger the design. So, can plan to apply on almost anything! Kerchiefs, Stoles, Kameez, Salwar, sari, Blouses, Bedspreads, Curtains and so on

Materials needed

  • Desired Fabric (Pre-washed and ironed)
  • Fabric Paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Water

Method of Wet Painting

Wet the fabric with a paint brush for wet painting

Step 1: Mount fabric on frame. Gently wet the pre-washed fabric. You can completely wet the fabric or you can wet only certain areas. It depends upon the requirement.

Apply paint on wet area for wet painting

Step 2: Load the paint on the brush. Take round brush for creating small details. Take flat brushes to created large designs. Apply paint in desired shape on the wetted fabric area.

Wait for the paint to spread

Step 3: Wait for paint to spread. Continue painting the areas as per the plan.


  • Paint spreads differently on different fabric based on the absorbency.
  • Almost any kind of designs can be tried with this wet painting technique. But, abstracts and floral abstracts are the best to design using this technique.

Have you tried wet painting on fabric before? Or, planning to try it now? Please share your thoughts if you have already tried or if you try based on this DIY tutorial. Thank you!


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